Hey and welcome to my little corner of this wide, wide web!

My name is Sammy Maffeo. I’m super excited to share this page with you, and I hope you find something here that inspires you. Spirit and Saga is where I write about the magic of story and the veil between consciousness and reality. It's where I share and reflect on poetry, art, language, archetypes, and spirituality.

Here’s some stuff you may find on the page or in the future:

* contemplations on story and the other themes listed above
* reviews and explorations of books, TV shows, and movies
* Tarot and oracle readings for fictional characters
* my own poetry and other kinds of writing

* scrapbook and collage art, made by yours truly
* playlists that I create for fun or for the sake of procrastination
* journal prompts and deep reading exercises

* reflections about Tarot, magic, pantheism, and other awesome topics


Thanks for being here!