I'm Sammy, the very real person behind this page. What can I tell you about me?  

I'm a woman approaching my first Saturn return, a soul more than a body, a writer, a witch, a vegan, a part-time crossing guard, a lover of story. I'm a pagan pantheist and a believer in what's behind the veil.

I love words, film, divination, this Earth, this thing called life. I'm an Aquarius sun, Leo moon, Pisces rising. My spirit sounds like a Joanna Newsom album, and you can usually find me drinking tea or looking at the sky. 

I'm currently putting together a collection of poetry, creating an oracle deck, and studying screenwriting. (It may sound like I'm super productive, but I work at the pace of a snail.)

I'm also currently really into working with plant essences, reading runes, binge-watching The Walking Dead, and making fruit compotes.

I also deal with depression and anxiety on the daily. I'm a trauma survivor, and I've been healing from PTSD for the last several long years. It's a process, and sometimes I write about it on this blog and on my Instagram.

Self-care and self-love are crucial for me to thrive, and I spend a lot of my time doing shadow work and cognitive behavioral therapy by journaling and scrapbooking, absorbing art, healing through story magic, and literally just sleeping off a bad spell. Self-doubt and impostor syndrome rule my world sometimes, but that's part of my journey, and I'm learning how to navigate that. I'm learning how to be at home with myself again, and if that's something you're trying to do also, you should know you are brave and you are not alone.


Thanks for being here!